Jetting Services

When drains stop working, you need the problem solved quickly and efficiently.

Flow Free Drainage Ltd are experts in solving drainage problems in the home or commercial premises. High pressure water jetting is done by pumping water through a hose that is introduced into the pipe, the hose has a jet head that converts the water into laser cutting jets, this strips deposits from the pipe wall. This flushes out waste and restores full flow. This is increasingly popular as a means of preventative maintenance.

Generally, all drains and waste pipes need cleaning at some time. Drains are often subject to abuse, scale, silt, grease and foreign objects. Inevitably these accumulate and it is only a matter of time before the pipe’s capacity and flow is reduced or obstructed to create the conditions for a blockage. Drains and sewers can suffer from structural defects caused by ground movement, leakage, subsidence, tree root ingress and corrosion.

These problems can lead to reduced or obstructed flow resulting in blockages, defects can easily be detected by CCTV surveys. Flow Free Drainage engineers are able to ensure that blockages are not only cleared, but that they do not re-occur. All engineers will recommend the most appropriate technique to resolve the faults and provide solutions to rectify the problems for the future.

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